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Three Ways to Protect Your Child's Health This Fall

If your child is attending school, they are going to encounter a lot of germs this fall. Schools seem to be Petri dishes for whatever is going around. If you don't want your child to spend half of this fall in and out of the doctor's office, there are specific steps you can take to help keep your child healthy this fall.

Get a Flu Shot

The flu shot is already available, so you need to get your child a flu shot. If you have health insurance, the flu shot should be covered for free. If you don't have health insurance, there are programs you can look into to get a free or reduced cost flu shot. Also, many pharmacies provide flu shots for a small fee.

For kids, the flu is really serious. Last year, the flu was really aggressive, putting more than 900,000 people in the hospital and claiming more than 80,000 lives. The flu is not just annoying; it can be deadly, so be sure to protect your children against the flu as best you can.

Get Food That Helps the Immune System

Make sure that your child is eating food that helps their immune system. Insist that your child have a glass of water with each meal to stay well hydrated, and stick to water and milk as the drink of choice for your child when they are thirsty.

If your child's school allows it, send them to school with a water bottle to help keep them hydrated. Being well hydrated is great for your child's immune system.

Make sure that your child gets in a serving of yogurt, which can help your child's immune system with all of its probiotic benefits. Find ways to incorporate vitamin C into your child's diet, too. Vitamin C can be found in both seaweed packs and oranges.

Get Outside

It may not seem like the best idea to send your children outside when it is cold outside; however, a little outside time is great for your children—just make sure that they are dressed in the appropriate jacket and gear to keep warm.

The moderate temperatures make fall a great time to get outside. Getting outside will help your child stay active, another thing which will increase your child's immune systems and defense against disease this fall. Plus, time outside ensures that your child is getting vitamin D, which they need to be healthy.

Help your child stay healthy this fall by getting your child their flu shot, making sure that they are eating foods that help their immune system, and allowing your child to go outside and be active. For additional tips, contact a pediatric clinic, such as Port City Pediatrics.

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